She is both masculine and feminine. She sits there, at the bridge that connects my heart with the power of touch. She stands like a statue of liberty under the pillars of this bridge, sometimes as a half-naked, mysterious silhouette, and sometimes as a naked, wild creature that smells the thorns of her red rose whose petals run throughout her messy hair. She is beautiful. Primitive. Raw. Her curves are like big turning points for him. They make him question his old beliefs on sex, love, and women. Her lines so full and fine, rocky and wild at the same time, make him want to know more of her inner landscape as her energy spreads all over her body, leaving him aching for more pleasure that comes from the soul. The way she touches him makes God and Devil run a race to reach her first, but never catch her, for she is air. She dances with the wind and drinks rain like wine. She is one of those magical creatures that gives her flesh, stars, and soul only to that man who knows how to handle all those with care, under the ribs of his sacred masculinity. He has to be both masculine and feminine to reach her depths that are deeper than the ocean, longer than the speed of light, and hotter than the sun. She is a weird composition of wild and soft — of metal and silk — she is a warrior and a goddess equally. For she knows she needs both to be in harmony with the many colors of her soul. She brings tragedy to those who don’t deserve her and blessings to those who acknowledge her presence and stardust nature. She cries and weeps just because she needs to, not necessarily from pain or joy. Her tears are swords with which she cut out all that she does not need inside of her and throws away as old dresses. She laughs like there is no tomorrow for her laughter holds nothing back. It makes the sky jealous and the gods envious, for they never tasted the real freedom of a deep, child-like belly laugh. She dances barefoot under the moonlight and prays to Luna for guidance on her unknown journey. She walks in steps and stones taking one moment at a time because she deeply knows that there is no certainty in anything. She knows that life itself is uncertain and a big mystery no one has reached to figure out. She knows intuitively that she is sacred energy of Mother Earth and Father Sky. She knows that her primal energy is mysterious and expresses itself through darkness and shadows. But she dances at the center of darkness knowing that there she will find and discover new gems that make her whole. She is not scared of herself. She is free to be whomever she is at her core. She is adorable and unique. She stands bare to admire her feet and nude to give worship to her body. For her body is her god that wants to be expressed through her magnetic movements. She stands there at the bridge that connects the beats of my heart and the ecstasy of pleasure. She is both light and dark, ordinary and magical at the same time. She loves to be loved and adored, not as a necessity but because this is how she shines brighter. This is how she knows more of herself, through loving and being loved. She loves sex because sex to her equals connection and intimacy. She does not waste her energy on superficial contacts with other bodies for she knows she is not made for those kinds of connections. She is made for the highest form of connection with other human beings, in all levels of her being. She is the queen of her kingdom and she does not need to have followers. She can follow her own steps and move smoothly through the terrains of her psyche, discovering new facets of her sensuality. She loves to have a king for a lover and companion, a man that owns well his own crown and does not bend because of the storms or winds of life. A warrior that has led himself into the unknown of life. Because this is what she is, a warrior goddess that has made her way through hardships, mistakes, and errors. She is shaped to be the greatest by foreign gods that played on her initiation ceremony to make her the great soul that she is. She danced on fire and transformed like the Phoenix. She is now ready to open up to a new lover who holds high his own candle to light both his and her darkness –so both light and darkness can dance together, composing heaven on earth as they leave their traces behind. Then he realizes her darkness is her light and she realizes her mystery is her path.

- Ilda Dashi

The Urban Howl

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