I no longer expect perfect offerings before I take someone into my heart. Nor do I ask myself to live up to an illusory standard of perfection before I accept myself. 

Because our humanness is not built on some objectively flawless foundation. Because we cannot grow as individuals if we are only moved by perfected action. We grow in increments, learning as we go, improving as we can. 

Perfectionism is incongruent with the natural pace of change. This is not to say that we should be satisfied with the lowest standard, but to acknowledge that we will not develop as individuals or as a species if we do not celebrate our little victories along the way. 

If we keep demanding perfection, we just perpetuate our collective shame. Better to pat ourselves, and others, on the back for every step forward, however humble it may be.

We are not striving to become perfect. We are striving to become real, to show up for our life in every respect, flaws and all.

Jeff Brown 

© 2020 my melting heart