Tonight we shine light in the dark midwinter hours.

"In the splendor, behold the wisdom! Discover the intricate tiers of knowledge, and perceive the very subtlest domain of all knowingness. In the splendor, watch shapes of knowledge emerge as teardrops of luminescence. In that radiance behold the beauty - perceive the contours of the blissful, the delightful and the exquisite. Regard the very shape of existence itself, structured out of ecstasy. Discover the indescribable fullness, and taste the sumptuousness of the Light.

The great Light plays in extraordinary ways. Over long periods of time, at hide and seek, the Light dims its luminosity and dampens its clarity (or at least appears to do so at the surface of life). It contracts, closes its capacity and generates limited forms of experience, of consciousness and of life. Those forms of limitation serve precisely as the space where the great bursting of expansion and luminosity will take place within each one of us.

In this dawning time, in the rising golden Light of Consciousness, we perceive clearly what is being left behind, the artifacts of darkness, the confusions of the night. In the Light, we behold Reality and recognize what was hidden. We perceive what was concealed or obscured, catching sight of what was previously in darkness. As we watch the darkness being dispelled, we begin to contemplate mysteries revealed!

How does the Light shape itself - structure, confect, form and configure itself in order to then disclose and reveal what it contains?

We allow our inner attention to curve back into itself, to absorb and to recognize that life is the kaleidoscopic refraction of that absolute Light, which always ultimately exists and is in everything and everyone. Everyone is the Light. Everything is the Light. Through our meditation practice, through our journey, through our courage, through our process of release, through our great, great devotion – it begins to reveal itself more and more.

The beautiful, extraordinary Reality itself becomes visible as rays, pulses, globules and dancing energies of quicksilver. We gaze, beyond that, into its inherent and deepest formative Shakti vortex wheel. There piercing the center of that vortex wheel, we merge into the voidness of the Silence and see the boundary-less, contour-less, shape-less perfection from which every object, every moment, every being, each one of us, actually arises into being.

In the piercing luminosity of the mystical flame, we travel to look deep into the nature of all things, into each existing object. There in its constituent depths of intricacy and patterns, we behold the beautiful swirls of Consciousness that shape each object out of the luminosity of perfection.

That is the Light. In the illumination of the Light, we recognize our very own Self. We recognize directly our highest identity, pierce into the very depths of our own soul and see beyond everything to the pure flame that stands motionless in the Heart. By means of the mystical flame of our very own Self, we merge and stand silent, ecstatic, full and true in the real ‘I am,’ the true and very Self of all.

May your path continue expanding into the Light, opening into that great illumination. May you find in the Light of Consciousness your deepest wisdom, experience your deepest love and open your deepest compassion. Within Divine recognition, may you access deep insight, intuition, knowledge, intelligence, clarity and vision. May you thus feel the beauty of that luminosity in each moment of your life - with its perfection, its goodness, blessings and beauty!"

- Paul Muller-Ortega

© 2020 my melting heart