”You have a deeper awareness of the world around you and a connection to the cosmic consciousness. You recognize that what you see is not necessarily the reality of what actually is. You are easily able to bridge these differences and integrate all things into the truth of what actually is. Whale people are very nurturing and have very strong ties to their community at large. Often they are the movers and shakers passionately standing up for what is right locally. Whale people love to get lost in their own creativity but often have to find a balance with this world and the real world.”

Thank you, Whale Medicine. Since I met you in Lofoten this summer I have been swimming with you through the greatest shifts and most transformational stages.

I have also had the pleasure to meet you and mirror your greatness in other people. I am home, everytime I feel your rhythm, frequency and telepatical song in the silence and communication with others. Through this vessel, we transmit your teachings.

Together we make the shift happen.

I bow you,

Infinte Creation

All love,

Your Creatrix

© 2020 my melting heart