At this very moment, I am questioning people’s respect and honesty. The story continuing: I gave you all the heart. Then I faced errors and terrors. 

But thank you, you taught me how to not hide my true heart. Now I heal. I love. I melt through it all:

Compassion is kindness but NOT if it compromises truth.

Compassion is sweet but NOT if it puts you into a deeper sleep.

Compassion is nice AS LONG AS it causes greater awakening.

Compassion can suddenly take ANY form if the benefit (awakening) caused by that form is greater than the benefit (awakening) caused by kindness and the typical sappy compassion, which oftentimes becomes merely the praise and maintaining of victimization.

You are not victims of your own realities, none of you are. Wake the fuck up. 

Rudeness is sometimes more compassionate than kindness. It's not compassion if we condone each other's lack beliefs; that is merely our own fear of discomfort and for being called out on our own bullshit and weak attitudes. We want spiritual teachers to be nice to everyone because we don't want others to feel uncomfortable or be confronted, because in truth we ourselves don't like to see how we're absolutely full of ourselves. 

If your own limiting points of view were not blinding you so much, I would never need to be rude or abrupt. But I will smack you the fuck awake before I rest on my laurels and see you go down on a ship of your own self-pity. Get a life: you choose your reality--you get what you tolerate. 

Learn to sense compassion in non-typical kindness, also known as being rude and frank. I have NOTHING but love for you. Nothing else I offer you but that. So take everything I say with that conviction or seek elsewhere if you cannot handle true compassion. And no, I am not triggered nor upset. I am incapable of being upset or triggered. I am here for you; not for me. All I say and do is for your liberation.

I am here most personally available to those who are truly humble and desirous of truth and freedom. There is no such thing as compassion without truth or freedom. 

Compassion without causing great awakening is merely complacency and fear pleasing. Weak attitudes should disgust you. This life is precious, fucking work for it. Transcend yourself. Take EVERY opportunity you get.

- Bentinho Massaro

© 2020 my melting heart