From where one's mind begin I join my darkest everything

Pitch black fields asking me to melt in Drop dead fearless I surrender There is nowhere to hide Inner realms of great mystery and question marks I am travelling through time and space

Drowned in the vortex of illusion

Raised in this castle of air It is time to meet the shadows all alone

It is a self-created hiding place

Dissolving into the veiled truth This is where I roam

Trapped in this self-discovery Living the experience Uncovering my face to the dark unknown Here I witness the tremendous power of play The birthplace where energy and creation is held I am a messenger of this void This is the home of the formless I open my eyes and I see That all is hidden in glitter Vast explosions in the heavens This is a never ending reflection Crystallized I am born a new Forever shapeshifting in this expansion I am a living secret Bringing it all into the light Photo: Cornelia Tranlander

© 2020 my melting heart