“Because the Heart is the Essence of everything, it is the abiding place and source of all life, vitality, energy, consciousness, luminosity, wholeness, creativity, love and compassion! It is from the Heart that everything that exists actually arises. Indeed, everything dwells in the infinite potentiality the Heart. And it is from this thrilling aliveness of the throb of the interior-most Space of the great Heart that everything actually rises up and is manifested into existence! So the wise sages counsel us, ‘Locate the Heart! Enter into it! Steep in its pulsation of Wholeness! Roam in that Vastness of the great Sky of Consciousness! Absorb its paradoxical Silence! Be nourished, energized and rejuvenated by its endless potency! Meditate and enter the Great Heart!’ At first, it seems to us that we can only touch this exquisite place for brief moments when we are deep in meditation. Later on, however, we begin to feel and understand that we are also entering that Heart even when we’re not apparently in meditation. In a fascinating discovery that surges up in our transformed experience of ourselves, we feel that we can now locate, become conscious of, gain access to, become able to discern and discover this interior-most thrilling aliveness of life even when we are not in deep closed-eyed meditation. We begin to feel and locate this exquisite Reality as it pulsates inside everything and everyone that exists. As we begin to discern and perceive it everywhere, it is an extraordinarily thrilling, compelling, mysterious and even mystical state of life that we begin to live! In this mystical experience, even with open eyes, we locate to some degree the presence, the underlying, subjacent, and yet always already-present Vastness. The web of the underlying fabric of the non-dual undergirds and embraces everything that exists. The entire realm of duality is actually woven out of this fabric of non-duality. Thus, we begin to invoke and reverence this perfection of life, this web of Unity, in everything that we experience!” 🔥 Paul Muller-Ortega

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