"Raven totem is also the keeper of synchronicity. He is a master of bending and folding time and space so that you are exactly in the right moment at the right time. When you see this corvid on the lamp posts and buildings watching you, you can be assured that all things are falling into place for you. Hence, make sure you play close attention to the people you meet for the next few hours. This messenger may be there to help you on your journey, provide insight, knowledge and guidance. There is also an element of reflection with this bird. Consequently, this bird is reminding you that the people around you are reflecting at you the things you most have to learn about yourself. Furthermore, whenever this totem appears in your life, amazing magic is imminent. This beautiful black totem also brings messages of transition, change and healing because of its ability to cast light into the darkness. When this happens, make sure that you are well grounded and have faith in your journey. Raven magic will guide you through. If this bird is your totem animal; you are very playful and creative. You also find comfort in solitude and enjoy your own company. Raven totem also seeks stillness and quiet, and often prefers it to the constant onslaught of chatter and noise in their daily lives. People with this totem are wise and often are used as a messenger for others. As a result, the spirit world uses you as a bridge to the physical world to bring forth its messages. Hence, you have no fear of the dark, or the underworld and understand that there is a divine balance between the light and the dark."


I am forever grateful for the medicine of the raven, that came to my spirit this summer solstice and midsummer.

Perfect synchronicity 🖤 Wild and free.

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