Everyday I learn to trust again. To heal, I put all my trust into the nature. Listening to the intelligence that I treasure there. Finding myself responding with the flora and fauna. The intelligence of plants flowing through all my systems and makes me travel through dimensions and open my eyes to this vivid reality. The spirit of animals guidning me with their wisdom and ancient knowledge of lineages and the natural structure that is. Mother Nature's medicine. She is within me, as much I am within her. And that is, a tremendous power of interplay. I am forever grateful for this sacred medicine we share.

“Plants will, if genuinely asked, respond to you. They will teach you their medicine, as plants have always taught human beings. And though human beings may lose the knowledge of the medicinal uses of a plant, the plant always remembers what its medicine is. And they will tell you…if you ask. If you approach them with an open heart, open your senses and truly allow yourself to perceive them, they will always respond. If you fail the first time, go again. For you may go to the sea as often as you wish.” 𓆗 Stephen Harrod Buhner

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