Breathe. Just breathe. And nothing will hold you out of the eternal cycle of life. As you exhale there will be someone catching your breath. As you inhale someone is fusing you, fusing air to the heart within your energetic realm deep within you, hightening the glow into flames, flames coloured by your ancenstric knowledge of belonging to natures raw, intented life, inspiral breath of living materia. Nothing comes from outside some containing box. All is sprung from extraterrestial well, introspective streams as it seems, though surrounding all. It is all through you, out of you, inspires you. You express - you impress. You are the words of life itself. Belonging self. All-knowing self. Come, come raw. Snake Medicine. The medicine of raw and pure belonging to nature. Despite all dirt dwelled and dug inside and through. It is a subtle practise devoted by human through evolution of mankind, though appears to be bonds cut and uncorded these industrial days. By following our intuitive insights and bringing us forth with our fleshbound instincts, through awareness and natural movement of body in intimate dance with natures cycles and rythms - we use intellect in the most expansive way which contradictorily - our logical thinking minds are not aligned to do. Today our minds are more attached to norm - and detached from our holistic being layered in koshas and encored in counciousness / self-realization. Through snakes medicine we tap into our spiritual pathways, we feel the unconditional exchange of beloning to something more expansional than human rational reality alone can ever build in our mind-indulging, physical experience. We become an unconditional part of all living, and death is no longer threatening in a sense, as it represents renewal, moulting of the old no longer serving, for the simple fact of restoring eternal love for self and one another. The trails with which we mark the soil on the ground we dwell on, makes us each one an accessary who once were here to share our love for life and dive deeper into the core of the mother - as she is where we came from. Human is nature. Inside this awareness where we are beyond strong. Through breath we form internal and external movement - breathing through is how we re-tie these bonds to source. When connecting to shakti - the snake - we find a raw, graceful way to dig deep into the dirt and into realizing our authentic selves, and we find our selves rising from it all even more durable, with new force. I came out re-bonded, self-empowered, unloathed to new inspiring life.


© 2020 my melting heart