When the heart begins to melt, it flows with love. Simply and naturally, it relinquishes the hard shards of suffering and pain and flows in the form of forgiveness. The enraptured heart melts, forgives and releases its attachment at the surface, enthralled by what it discovers in the depth of the Heart. In the depth of the Heart, we discover a treasure. In the innermost space, this exquisite space called in Sanskrit the ‘madhya,’ within ourselves, we discover an unparalleled, invaluable treasure. It is this treasure that does everything for us in life. From that space of the innermost core abyss of Consciousness, everything that we need surges forward in the form of profound and sustained motivation, in the clear discernment of extraordinary purpose and meaningfulness in life. It surges forward in continuously unabated waves of enthusiasm, filled with the force of the shakti energy of the Divine. Natural enthusiasm surges within us, constantly renewing our efforts and reviving our capacity to engage, serve, create, discover, know, feel, perceive and articulate. Fulfillment bubbles from deep inside the space of the Heart. Ever more thrilling and delectable, refined and invaluable, it appears in the waves of our own happiness in life. We discover the source of happiness within ourselves and become anchored there in order to be, ourselves, the radiating sources of that happiness. Standing firm, strong and self-sufficient within ourselves in that happiness, we are thereby able to allow that happiness to bathe others as well, and to infect them with this natural bubbling quality of the Heart itself, its innate happiness. Moved at Heart, day and night, by our natural and sublime sadhana spiritual practices, in this way we transform our lives! ” ♥ Paul Muller-Ortega

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