Communication is the missing link. The missing link to be connected to the source. We all have our own language. We think in different languages. And the transmission between us, the space inbetween us, is the pathway that needs to be open. Words are just the matrix. Behind the words are the bigger images. What we truly say. So... We don’t think, we see. This is the thing. You see your language. I see my language. And the words are just words. Symbols. The silent communication is the space between your imagery and your body. When you learn to communicate with your body, through your field of energy and light. From the center out to the periphery, from the inside out. Then you are more connected. You are more adaptable, receptive. More open. 

Then you are able to transmit. And more open for the information. More open to receive the massive message out there. Then you are the channel and in the channel. The channel of pure connectedness. Like every cell is in constant connection with everything that is. Everything you are. It is truly, simple as that. The channel needs to be in perfect balance and harmony with everything. This is what I call the Liberation Frequency. It is not only your physical body. Not only your mindset. Not only your emotions. It is your will. Your will to communicate. 

Melt into the matrix - texemuyo - that connects it all.

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